Evaluation of Upturn Young Person’s Service 2017

University of Southampton study of 14 - 18 year olds who went through the Life skills programme

Upton Young Person's Service report - University of  Southampton 2017

Authors : H. J. Christopher, & S. Easton. 2017

Report on the Upturn Young Person's Service by the University of Southampton 

The young people (aged 14-18) led to many positive outcomes, namely an ability to control symptoms of anxiety and depression, felt able to now manage worsening life events and to accept and no longer feel ashamed of mental health issues.  The young people spoke of being better able to cope with exams and achieve at school or college.  They gained confidence, increased motivation and were able to make positive changes to their important relationships.



Example: "My whole life has changed."



PHQ-9 (Depression score):  Mean score reduced from 11.06 to 6.88 (sub clinical)

GAD-7 (Anxiety score):  Mean score reduced from 11.88 to 7.5



These preliminary results indicate that young people feel significantly less depressed and anxious after accessing the service, alongside significantly improving many important areas of their life.


Read the full report here

Read the full report here

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