The Decider Skills for Carers & Supporters

The Decider Skills are winning strategies for mental health - and for any age.

If someone you care for has been taught the skills, then it will be very helpful for you to learn the skills in order to support them.  Or you can learn the skills for yourself, and then teach them.

It is most helpful to learn to use and practise the skills BEFORE we really need them.

Giving support

  • Ask them to explain or teach you the skills
  • Read through their handbook
  • Talk about the skills
  • Access The Decider Life Skills online and download the STOPP app  (see below)
  • Remind them of the skills often, bringing them into everyday conversation e.g. when looking at an article on social media, ask “is that Fact or Opinion?”
  • Talk about your own emotions and FIZZ scale.
  • Ask them what their favourite skill is, and which are most helpful.
  • Talk about how you can help each other at stressful times.

When they feel upset

  • Ask them: “Where are you on your FIZZ scale? What skill could you use?”
  • If necessary, coach them through a skill.


Online Resources

The Decider 32 Therapeutic Skills

The Decider 32 Therapeutic Skills introductory videos

The Decider 12 Life Skills

The Decider 12 Life Skills introductory videos

The STOPP app


If your loved one has not learned The Decider Skills and you would like to teach them:

The Decider Skills for Self Help Online Course - all 32 skills for self help.  You will be able to learn the skills, either together, or you learn them and practise them for yourself, and then coach the person who care for or support in using the skills gradually.

See all online courses here   32 Therapeutic Skills or 12 Life Skills - training for professionals 

The Decider Skills for Self Help book from Amazon

The Decider Skills for Individuals

Self Help course & book