Stop! - Take a breath - Observe - Pull back - Practice and/or Proceed

It Will Pass

Thoughts and feelings come and go. Situations change. Sometimes all we can do is keep going. It will pass.

Right Now

Right Now: 5 things I can see - 4 things I can hear - 3 things I can touch - 2 things I can smell - 1 slow deep breath


What are my values? What is really important to me? What can I do that will help me take a step towards my chosen life direction?

Fact or Opinion

Ask yourself: Is this thought fact or opinion? Come back to the FACTS !

Self Care

Sleep - Eating & Exercise - Look at other factors - Find fun, achievement and enjoyment - every day. Be kind to yourself !

Opposite Action

Notice the emotional action urge - and do the opposite. If anxious, instead of escape/avoid - approach. If angry, instead of attack - kind approach or gently withdraw. If depressed, instead of withdraw/isolate - do something, be with others.

Name The Emotion

What emotion am I feeling right now? I can notice the urge to react, and choose a more helpful response.


I have 2 ears and only one mouth! How can I show that I'm really listening?


The more I give - the more I get. Respect myself & others - Treat others as I want to be treated

Crystal Clear

Concise - Lucid & Logical - Emotion-free expression - Assertive - Realistic.


What can I learn about what happened? What went well? What didn't go so well? What can I do differently next time?