Data Protection Notice

Guernsey reformed its data protection laws when The Data Protection (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law 2017 (the “Law”) came into force, in order to conform to European standards, namely the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).  The primary focus of GDPR is to protect the personal data of citizens of the European Union wherever it is held, processed or transferred.

The Decider Limited is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected and that all personal information you have entrusted with us is processed in accordance with the Law, which is designed to strengthen a person’s rights and give increased control over personal information that is held about you alongside the European GDPR.

This Privacy Notice sets out how The Decider Limited uses and protects any information that we hold on you. 

How we collect Personal Information

We collect personal data from you when you contact us to enquire or make an order during the routine business of the Company.  This will include name, address and contact details.

We collect personal data from you when you enrol to become an Authorised Trainer  for The Decider Limited. This will include name, address and contact details, along with relevant professional and employment information.  We also seek your consent and commitment to the role of Authorised Trainer by obtaining a signed contract and submission of a training video, which is subject to annual review / updates.

We use cookies on our website via Google Analytics, which helps the Company see how the website is used, and via the online training portal and Good2Go video portal, which stores your login information.

What we do with the information we gather

We require this information to communicate with you, to provide you with information, training or materials, and to fulfil the routine business activities of the Company.

The Decider Limited is committed to ensuring that the information held is secure.  Some of the information we hold will be stored on password protected computers, as well as in paper format, which is held by Directors and Officers of The Decider Limited in secure premises with restricted access. 

With your consent, we may share content on The Decider Limited’s authorised website and / or social media channels.

Who we share your information with

Limited information may be shared on The Decider Limited’s website and social media channels.  A verbal option is provided during workshops to opt out for shared images on the website and social media.  Information may also be shared where we are required to do so by Law. Where possible we will endeavour to inform you verbally and seek your agreement when such information is to be shared. 

Controlling your Personal Information

The Law gives you the right to:

  • Request in writing and securely obtain copies of personal information The Decider Limited holds about you
  • To correct or update personal information processed by The Decider Limited
  • To prevent us from sharing information we hold

Reporting Concerns

Please contact The Decider Limited if you have any questions about the handling of your personal information on [email protected]



The Decider Limited is registered with Guernsey's Office of the Data Protection Authority  (Guernsey's GDPR regulator)

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