Mental Health Nurses

Nursing is by far the biggest workforce group in mental health, but nurses report they do not have the necessary therapeutic skills (RCN 2003), with 93% stating they wanted to learn practical skills. 

Community Mental Health Nurse Testimonial

The Decider Skills can easily be incorporated into pre-registration training and post-registration CPD courses.  The Decider Skills bridge the divide between theory and practice, and nurses report being able to use the skills immediately and effectively.

Mental Health Nurse
The Decider Skills have been significant in increasing my confidence when managing risk. Using the skills which work in helping to tolerate emotions and not act on impulse. Service users can formulate an aid-memoire which can be used by the service user, their family, friends and other professionals. Yvette S.
Community Mental Health Nurse, Ireland
I have completed many training programmes and courses but The Decider was by far one of the most practical, useful and fun programmes I have ever completed.   JC.  (August 2020)

Learning via short courses of 1-2 days is the preferred method of training delivery for 97% of those surveyed (RCN 2003).  A small 2019 internet survey for showed similar figures. 

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