CBT in a nutshell

The STOPP skill is a perfect example of CBT in action - an effective way to achieve a better outcome. The STOPP app, our phone app version of the skill, gives users an accessible strategy 24/7 to help manage thoughts, feelings and behaviours.


Available free for iOS, Android and Windows devices.

STOPP app can be used to manage impulsivity; from self harm mitigation and suicide prevention to impulsive behaviours like over and under eating, gambling etc.

Between stimulus and response there is a space, in that space lies our power to choose or response. Viktor Frankl



STOPP app demonstration video

Web App

The web app / introduction to the skills (includes animated videos) is available here:

The Decider 32 Skills
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The Decider 12 Life Skills
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STOPP Skill animated video


Webinar - STOPP Skill & the evidence



The Decider Skills for Self Help

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