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Feedback from Professionals about using The Decider Skills in clinical practice

Community Mental Health Nurse - drug and alcohol service

"The Decider skills is like an internal life vest, it has given me confidence in being able to cope with whatever life may throw at me. In particular it has given me skills that I have been able to work through with my clients and pass on to my children. I have witnessed how decider skills has helped with controlling emotions and reducing stress and worry. The great thing is that it is fun and easy to learn."   PM

Consultant Psychiatrist

“As a psychiatrist, the Decider has given me more skills to teach and empower patients and families for dealing with difficult emotions. I like that they are all evidence–based, clinically intuitive, easy to remember. I have seen great results, particularly evident in patients who have done the Decider course.”    GL

Community Mental Health Nurse, Adult (secondary care) services

“The Decider Skills have been significant in increasing my confidence when managing risk. Using the skills which work in helping to tolerate emotions and not act on impulse. Service users can formulate an aid memoire which can be used by the service user, their family, friends and other professionals”.   YS

Social Worker

"As a social worker within secondary mental health services, I have had great feedback from my service users about the positive impact that the decider skills training have and continue to have on their life and functioning and management of their difficulties on a day to day basis. I have also been able to incorporate the skills into the psychosocial intervention with the service users to enable them to gain better coping strategies around negative impulsive thoughts."    SO

Occupational Therapist

“The decider life skills provides a shared language to be used within adult mental health with service users, the handbook and work sheets are helpful tools to use during intervention and provide coping skills and strategies to use during times of distress and reduce impulsive behaviours.”   RP

Prison Psychotherapist

"The Decider works very well in a Forensic setting and has had excellent feedback from both male and female groups. It is fun to deliver and the materials are clear and user friendly. It compliments more focused offence related work and is a good motivational tool for more intensive work or preparation for release where having some extra skills to cope with life and relationships makes all the difference."   SC

Youth Work Leader

"There isn’t a day that goes by when we don’t use The Decider Life Skills with our young people. The variety of skills showed in the handbook ensures that each person can select the skills that work for their individual needs. The trainers book is just as clearly written as the young person's handbook, which makes it really simple to teach with individuals or small groups."  EC

Lead Mental Health Nurse / Family Therapist - Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service

"The Decider Skills offer a fun and interactive opportunity to engage young people and their families in a DBT skills approach without the formality of “textbook” DBT . I would highly recommend them to other CAMHS teams . The Life Skills are a gift for all and I would advocate that they should be incorporated into the education curriculum within PHSE lessons."   SM

Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner, CAMHS

"The Decider Skills have been very useful in helping the young people and adolescents we see, who struggle with regulating their emotions. The skills are effective and memorable."  TH

Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner, Adult Primary Care

"I regularly incorporate The Decider Life Skills into my therapy sessions.  The Decider Life Skills are simple, but very effective practical skills that can be used by everyone.  Many of my clients have reported that they have found the skills very useful and helpful in managing their difficulties."  LF



Also see Outcomes page


Feedback received for The Decider Life Skills online training course by a mental health professional:

"I have completed The Decider Life Skills Online Course. I was familiar with the Decider skills through my experience observing and assisting with the implementation of a Decider group intervention in a mental health setting. This online training course was engaging and interesting through the combination of text, videos, images!  I learned many new ideas that will enhance the way I implement therapeutic groups in the future. The outcomes section of the Decider website is especially interesting and encouraging. The Decider group at our facility consistently receives positive feedback and outcomes similar to those identified on your website." Jessica A. (March 2018)



(see here for more feedback for The Decider Life Skills)


Feedback from service users who have completed The Decider Skills group:

This group's been awesome.

Even one skill has helped.

It's a very different group to anything else I've been to!

I wouldn't have missed this group for the world!

This course has changed my life.

I have not self-harmed in more than 5 years (since I did the course)

I have tried every other treatment and therapy, but this is the only thing that has helped. Thank you so much.

I've enjoyed every session.

I won't use all the skills, but those I do use I use every day and they are really effective.

The balance is really good - visual, fun, serious message, music, demonstrations.

When I'm too far gone, hubby says "Ask the Decider" and it really helps.

I found it excellent, a really good group and I've really enjoyed it.

Click here to read poem by Jamie (Guernsey Prison)


NHS West Hampshire

  • “Taught me skills, absolutely brilliant loved it”
  • “It has given me many skills to use in many varied situations when stress and anxiety come on”
  • “It has been such a fun way of learning something very serious, what a fantastic way of getting the message across”
  • “initially I’m not going to lie I was horrified but I stuck with it and it has been amazing and really beneficial”


Clinician Feedback for The Decider Skills - video

Feedback from Mental Health Professionals about the 2 day Workshops:

You have both been, by far, the most engaging, skillful and knowledgeable trainers that I have come across. The way in which you have used all learning styles for each decider skill was brilliant. I remember them all. It is refreshing and brilliant to see two highly experienced professionals willing to leave yourselves at the door and to make themselves look silly in order to make the training work. All throughout the training, I always felt you had the client in mind. In short, you have left a long lasting impression on me, gave me confidence to use the material, but more than that, confirmed my belief that it is better to be a bit mad in order to get your point across.

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you both for your inspirational work on the Decider Skills project, and for the excellent training we received this week.

I do believe this is a course I will never forget - the visuals were amazing.  The course is going to impact on my own life firstly, and then I hope to run a group in my workplace.  Thank you.

I am already enthusiastically promoting the skills and training groups to my patients. I am sure the 25 or so staff that were trained during the 2 days feel now much better equipped for dealing with patients with personality difficulties.

The high quality Decider manual is very helpful for refreshing the skills and for the client handouts. I would not be surprised if a service audit of patients trained in these skills would find reduced risk, self harm and acute admissions. I am convinced that the Decider will further support staff in working in new and better ways. (Consultant Psychiatrist)

Yippee! It was fantastic.


Thank you for an energising and life changing experience!

Very therapeutic on a personal level.

Great course!

Nothing could be improved. It was great! Very clear. I had fun.

Thanks for 2 days of fab training. Already 'pumping in the skills' to some clients.

Many thanks for the workshop. It was really interesting, very well presented, engaging and resourceful. A great half-day workshop, well worth travelling down South for!

Thank you - a very interesting and thought-provoking workshop.

Very enjoyable and informative - I have lots of thoughts about how this will be helpful to our service.

Thank you for a great course which will be really useful.

Thank you for a fantastic course!

Presenters really believe in what they are doing.

Thanks for making two days of training so much fun!

Well presented. I like the use of visual aids.

Thank you for a fantastic course!

Just wanted to say thanks for a fab 2 days training. Have just read manual from start to finish and it really is fool proof!! It's amazing work.

Thanks for excellent training, I am using the skills already.


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