"Posting this in the hope it helps at least one person.

"I’ve just been discharged from the mental health crisis team. I was under them for a month and a half.  The last four years of constant medical issues, more than people will realise, multiple medical appointments per week and the finishing of counselling that I had for my chronic pain that I had for 2 years to help me through my mesh issues and family/work problems accumulated in my having suicidal thoughts that I wanted to act upon so desperately.

"My referral for the crisis team was made by my doctor.  To start with they were a bit s**t, until I was very clear with what help I needed.  Then along came the most amazing woman, mental health practitioner.  Over the month and a half she helped me put into place the treatment and care I wasn’t getting.  She also worked through some things that really helped me.  These things that really helped me came out of this book (The Decider Skills for Self Help) and her professionalism and caring nature have helped instil things in me that will help me keep on top of all the distressing things that come along.









"I am surrounded by people with anxiety.  Us ladies take on so much and don’t learn to say no to doing things.  We take on too much.  As we get older we take on more and more, our resilience or coping mechanisms start to be forgotten.  We are capable, strong women who forget how to use our usual coping mechanisms.  We then become overcome by anxiety or almost paralysed by the lack knowing how to manage what’s happening in our life.

"Now I’m not saying this book is going to cure me or you and it’s not a miracle cure all.  What it is though is a workbook to keep to hand which is easy to read and has plenty of pictures (I like pictures and not words).

"Life is full of ups and downs but with this book I feel I have something here next to me to help remind me of my lost coping mechanisms.  Sometimes we just need reminding.

"Sometimes we just have to keep fighting for life when it’s so difficult.  PS I’m back to myself now thank God!"

The Decider Skills for Self Help - available from Amazon