Please maintain the integrity of The Decider by ensuring that these resources are used only by those who have attended The Decider Skills Workshop or who have purchased The Decider manuals.

  The Decider Life Skills.  Permission is granted to use these resources for therapy purposes only.  The printed or online resources must NOT be used for commercial gain or reproduced in any media other than on paper for therapy purposes for individual clients.

The Decider printed material is copyright and intellectual property protected. We therefore encourage clinicians/teachers to creatively adapt the way they teach the skills - not change the material itself.  In our experience, most clients understand the visuals and we have kept the language of The Decider Life Skills as simple as possible. The handbooks have a blank page next to each skill for clients to write/draw their own notes or interpretation. Skilled professionals will be able to pitch their teaching at the right level for any and every client/student.


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THE FIZZ diagram

THE FIZZ handout

Feeling THE FIZZ (the adrenaline response)

THE FIZZ personal scale

The Decider Skills Worksheet

Self Care Worksheet


Ask The Decider!  Original mp3 by Josh Cottam  (right click or long tap and select "save target as", "save link as" or "download linked file" to download)

Ask The Decider Song Words


The Decider Life Skills A5 double-sided prompt card   (old The Decider LIFE SKILLS )

(Print as one-sided A4 sheet, then fold to make double-sided, then laminate)


nformation Leaflet - The Decider Skills  WORD (editable)  & PDF

Information Leaflet  - The Decider Life Skills  WORD (editable) & PDF


The Evidence for each skill


Mobile internet (web app) version of The Decider Life Skills  for those who have completed The Decider Life Skills

Download the STOPP app at Google Play, iTunes or  Windows Store 


The Decider Life Skills A4 prompt cards (print and laminate)

Video of the mime/signage for The Decider Life Skills


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