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Can I order The Decider Life Skills Good2Go if I live outside the UK or Ireland?
Yes, we can send them all over the world. Please email us.

Do I need to attend a workshop or complete the online training in order to implement Good2Go at our school?
No. We will include access to the online training for the 2 lead teachers. However, it's the videos that do the actual teaching of each of the Life Skills. Teachers embed the skills by using the embedding activites in the Trainer Manaul: Insider Decider (classroom) and Outsider Decider (playground).

How can we access the Good2Go videos online portal
We will send you a secure link. This link will only be accessible from your school site (we will need to know your IP address), and cannot therefore be shared or used outside of the school. The link will remain active for 2 years, which can be extended.

How will all our teachers know about the skills?
There are introductory videos for teachers and parents which explain the rationale for the skills, and give an introduction to Cogntiive Behaviour Therapy. The teachers, and all school staff, will be able to watch the children's videos too. The package also includes 2 lead teachers access to The Decider Life Skills Online Training Course.

What's the evidence base?

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy has an impressive evidence base. See our outcomes page for evidence about The Decider Life Skills. A gold standard Randomised Control Trial is currently underway in Guernsey (2018-2019 academic year), involving 8 primary schools using The Decider Life Skills Good2Go.

How can we understand more about the brain and emotions?
There are some great animated videos by Sentis. One about neuroplasticity neuroplasticity here, and one about emotions and the brain.

Do I have to teach ALL the skills?
We encourage the routine teaching of all 12 Life Skills to gain maximum benefit as proactive mental health. If you are adapting or using the skills for e.g. younger children or perhaps those with special educational needs, then you can choose those skills you think will be most appropriate.

How can we implement The Decider Life Skills Good2Go in our school?
Identify 2 lead teachers to complete The Decider Life Skills online training course (included in the package).

All teachers/staff to watch the introductory videos, and all teaching videos.

All teachers/staff are encouraged to use the skills for themselves.

We suggest 2 skills are taught each week in assembly time.

Each teacher then discusses and embeds the skills with their class, using the suggested embedding activities (Insider Decider and Outsider Decider) in the manual.

Each child should receive their own copy of The Decider Life Skills Handbook.

Parents should be sent a copy of the information leaflet provided, a link to view the introductory videos and/or invited to a parent's evening (facitilated by the school).

Further information here

How much does it cost?
See this webpage for information about costs.

Can I pick just a few skills and teach them to children/pupils individually?
Yes of course. In our experience, the skills are more effective when taught in a group as there is more of a fun factor. However, the skills can be tailored and personalised when taught individually.

Can we use The Decider Life Skills for pupils with existing mental health problems (rather than proactive mental health)?
Yes absolutely. We encourage flexibility to suit the children you work with. Do what is best for them. Take their feedback and make changes if required.

Do you offer any workshops or training outside of the UK and Ireland?
The Decider Life Skills Good2Go is available worldwide as all materials will be posted to you, together with access to the secure online video portal.

The Decider Life Skills online training course is also available here. We include 2 places on the online training course for the 2 lead teachers in the Good2Go package.

We have 2 Authorised Trainers in the UK, Ireland and New Zealand who are available for workshops.

Where can I give some feedback?
Please visit our feedback form

My pupils have particular needs, can I adapt the skills to help them understand?
Yes, absolutely. We would encourage you to be creative with the skills. Show the short video for the skill you think will be useful for them, then you can adapt the embedding activities to suit your pupils.

What is "the style" of the teaching?
You can see a 1 minute excerpt of one of the videos on this page You can get a feel for "the style" of The Decider Life Skills by looking at various clips on the videos page. The embedding activities included in The Decider Life Skills Good2Go Trainer Manual are fun!

Are there any further resources I can access online.
Yes, please visit The Decider Life Skills resources section. You will need to have your Trainer Manual next to you.

I can't access the online resources. Can you help?
Yes, please email us via the contact page

Is there any information for parents and carers?
There is an information leaflet for parents and carers in the Trainer Manual. It is also downloadable from here. Schools can share a link to the introductory video for teachers and parents for parents to view at home, or it can be shown at a parents information event at school.

What is the best age to teach The Decider Life Skills?

The skills can be taught at any and every age. Pre-school children use some of the skills (especially STOPP and Right Now). We encourage the teaching of The Decider Life Skills between the ages of 7 and 11 years old (UK school years 4-6 or key stage 2) and to be regularly taught and reinforced through life, just like fire drill.


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