Online Training: The Decider Life Skills

The Decider Life Skills online training course includes the same content as a one-day workshop.  The course is divided into 16 steps, including the 12 skills which comprise The Decider Life Skills.

The course includes presentations with a video of each skill from a real workshop.  You will be have access to the secure online course for two months, and thereafter, have access to:
         The Decider Life Skills online training portal (for two months)
         The Decider Life Skills online resources - for life
         6 weeks of email consultation following course completion

The cost of the course will include a printed copy of The Decider Life Skills Trainer Manual and accompanying A5 Handbook which we will send through the post, although you can start the course immediately after payment. 

A short assessment at the end will lead to an emailed certificate of completion. Completion of the course enables you to teach The Decider Life Skills to your client or student group. It does not enable you to teach the skills to other professionals.

The course will be available to you wherever you are, with your unique access to the secure training site which will be emailed to you on purchase.  The login details are sent automatically by email to your Paypal email address.  If you don't receive the email - please check your junk/spam folders before contacting us!  You'll need to save your login details as we are unable to reset your password. Your login details must NOT be shared with anyone else, and must only be used by the owner of the email address*

If you want to pay via invoice and bank transfer, then please contact us.  You will be given access to the online training after we have received payment.

We recommend you go through the course slowly, making sure you read ALL the text and watch ALL the videos.  You can repeat each step/skill before moving on.

Course contents
     The Decider Life Skills Trainer Manual
     The Decider Life Skills Handbook
      Introduction to The Decider Life Skills
      Introduction to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
     Teaching & demonstrations for The 12 Decider Life Skills
      Videos for each step/skill
     Summary including 30 MCQ questionnaire
     One month course access
     On completion:  6 weeks email consultation
     Certificate of completion will be emailed to you
     Ongoing access to:  The Decider Life Skills online resources
     Ongoing access to:  The Decider Life Skills online webapp
     Download the STOPP app

Feedback received for The Decider Life Skills online training course:

"I have completed The Decider Life Skills Online Course. I was familiar with the Decider skills through my experience observing and assisting with the implementation of a Decider group intervention in a mental health setting. This online training course was engaging and interesting through the combination of text, videos, images!  I learned many new ideas that will enhance the way I implement therapeutic groups in the future. The outcomes section of the Decider website is especially interesting and encouraging. The Decider group at our facility consistently receives positive feedback and outcomes similar to those identified on your website." Jessica A. (March 2018)

The cost is the same as a real one-day Life Skills workshop:  £120 per person.

See here for Terms and Conditions.  Clicking on the Buy Now button or paying via bank transfer confirms your agreement to the Terms and Conditions.

You will receive an email with login details via email (to your Paypal email address). This is not automated, so please be patient if you don't receive an email right away. If you don't receive an email within a few hours - check you junk/spam folder!

* Any breach of this condition (sharing of access details) will result in immediate withdrawal of access.